Mastering Arguments Against Islam
Avoid the mistake of stepping on land-mines by using arguments that don't work

About The Author

Tom Wallace is the founder and host of a national radio broadcast that delivers a Christian apologetic and polemic position regarding Islam. Tom grew up in Europe and labored overseas for almost two decades as a Baptist Missionary.

This book is designed to equip the Christian Patriot to expose the evils of Islam. It examines the challenges, charts out a strategy, formulates the winning arguments, and is packed with damning evidence against Islam.

Penalty of Apostasy
Finally! A reference book that tells how to...
Expose the evils of Islam
Form the best arguments against Islam
Quote the best sources
Backup your quotes with Islam's greatest scholars
Simplify the complexity of Islam for anyone to understand
Use their words against them as you site crdible Islamic sources and teachings
What Others Are Saying
  • "I am extremely glad I read this book! I have known for a long time that Islam is a dangerous ideology, but I had no idea how to prove it without sounding prejudiced until I read this wonderful book. Every American needs to read this, and I wish every Muslim would, too. Any intellectual person will appreciate the way Wallace uses evidence to back up every claim. We cannot allow Islam to have any strongholds in our nation!!!." (on December 23, 2015)
  • "Really appreciate the truth about Islam, and the tips for confronting those who deceive others about this cult." (March 29, 2016)
  • "Having read several books on this topic and have found Tom Wallace's to be the best by far."
  • "The book provides a sensible, easy to follow case on the nature of Islam according to its own doctrine and followed by cited sources."
  • "Any intellectual person will appreciate the way Wallace uses evidence to back up every claim."
  • "Tom Wallace makes simple the complex issues of Islam."
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